Cantu Game Zone at Curly Girl Collective's CURLFEST

Founder Tracey Coleman has had the pleasure of serving as the Event Director for Curly Girl Collective's CURLFEST since it's inception, and has created dozens of activations including Cantu's Game Zone in 2016. Curly Girl Collective has grown the festival tremendously in only three years. The event now draws attendees from around the globe, and inspires millions of people with viral videos that circulate for weeks after it's over! For more information on CURLFEST**, visit, and to get involved email

** Show & Tell does not produce CURLFEST and....Wait, what? No we can't get you a pre-sale ticket for your friend who's flying in from.....I know, girl! That video was everywhere! It's going to be great! Follow @curlygirlcollective on Instagram to hear about the ticket release date! 

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